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As winter begins, every year the same debate arises: washing a car in the cold season or not? Some are very categorical on this issue: no rash! Dirt can only protect against the negative effects of salts. The second is sure that you have to wash the car in the winter if you want the vehicle to serve for a long time … And I do not know who is right. Obviously only one – in these disputes the truth is intertwined with the myths we asked for the dispatch of the Kaunas EHRLE car wash Tomas Buinauskas.

Is it true or myth: can not you wash the car in winter?

There is no clear answer: true and myth. All this depends on the temperature of the air: if it falls below -15 ° C, you should of course not enter the non-contact car wash as it quickly freezes. In all other cases it is not only recommended but also car wash. Firstly, as mud, salt, asphalt powder and resins blur, absorb the eyelids, block the surface of the car, damage paint and varnish, accelerate metal corrosion processes, especially if there are scratches.

On the other hand, riding non-washed cars is unsafe. Finally, dirt, precipitation deposits, etc. It is based on spectacles and mirrors that make it less visible. And if the weather is bad, then the accident is not so far away.

Well, and how many times in winter car washes depend on air temperature, environmental conditions and so on. Nevertheless, I recommend at least once a week. If you are afraid of cooler weather, try sleeping, for example, one day, not in the evening.

Truth or Myth: Is it best for a car to get dirty, do not wash it?

True myth! Quickly seizing can damage, screw, pull the varnish and various details. Even with the brush it is easy to scratch the surface. This facilitates the use of non-contact car washes.

For example, EHRLE wash brushes use the second program, which uses the patented German Active Micro Power Pearl MicroPowder micrometers. They are made with a special formula that allows active particles to behave thousands of small sponges. These powders, combined with warm water, can be used to quickly and easily wash dirty dirt without damaging the car. By the way, unlike many other washing machines, our water heats up to 60 ℃, which contamination dropped off the car.

Otherwise, the non-contact washing method used by EHRLE is completely safe. This technology and chemicals have been tested by quality experts and have received the prestigious certificate of the German Automotive Association (VDA).

Truth or myth: Is winter advised not to wax a car?

Another myth, a little bit between the leaders. I can explain how the fourth resin program works in the EHRLE washers. Hot Wax UltraProtection will not let water freeze on the washing machine, simply drips. You can not leave and the car is almost dry. In addition, an additional protective layer is created which results in less contamination, snow and salt content in the body and thus provides protection. On the other hand, it is much easier to wash the same dirt on the waxy surface.

Truth or Myth: People better understand how to wash a car?

I would say that it has nothing to do with sex. I noticed that men prefer to wash the car themselves, and girls and women, especially in the cold, use the services of our team. As long as you handle cases, our staff is washing the car at the same price as the self-service laundry. And the car is clean, women are happy.


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