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Wael Jassar is practicing Arabic music despite coldness.

Amjad Mustafa report:

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Saturday 10 November 2018 – 7:30 pm
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Saturday 10 November 2018 – 7:30 pm

The Lebanese singer received the roses and welcomed the song of Egypt
Sweet "Haim Shawka" Opera Damnor .. And the faith of the sea "bird in the sky" Alexandria
Always the real singer is the one who can penetrate the obstacles and apply to the heart, being aware of the value of the song does not care about the effort for a good and serious word and to coordinate his ears and hearts. The song is not and will not be the source of the sound power alone, but it is a group of actors who end up being a good singer, including a sense of expression and choice of songs and acceptance.
The great Lebanese singer Wael Jassar from his appearance and he takes care of everything that is serious and good so that he managed to reach the people because a massive thrill enriches what he feels and so the arrival of the listener is normal and is beautiful who appeared in the hometown of Lebanon in many names, It could be a great mass base, was the song Mshit salvation of the great poet Hany Abdul Karim is the culmination of his success, and wrote this birth certificate s work, especially for & # 39; in Egypt and in the Arab world, before doing many works for him, he also provided works of our Arab heritage and succeeded in both cases. So these works became even the stars of the Arabic song.
Wael Jassarfi participated in the Arabic Music Festival for the first time in the beginning of the new millennium when Dr. Samir Farag was presiding at the festival where he was chosen by Dr. Ritaiba Al-Hefni, General Secretary of the festival, to join a group of young people to enrich the festival and renew the new song. Wael lost the festival but did not miss Egypt, where he presented a series of annual concerts in Cairo, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh.
At the 27th session he was chosen for the second time as one of the festival's stars. His contacts began last year and he was about to attend the 26th session if he had not signed a ceremony in New Cairo. His contract with him for the current session and once the announcement of his participation was dedicated to the theater in a few hours because of his popularity in Egypt.
The ninth night was the date of the meeting with her followers, which received the flowers and received a song with your love of Egypt, who was wearing the pillars of the Grand Theater and after finishing the song, he greeted Egypt saying:
"She is really the mother of the world". Thank you, dear Egypt, and the distinguished Egyptian people, and I am honored to attend the festival at its twenty-seventh session, the 100th anniversary of the Festival and Egypt always high. "Then he thanked Culture Minister Enas Abdel-Dayem and all the organizers.
He continued to sing with the band headed by Maestro Adel Ayesh, who was his band at the level of events. The audience enjoyed the performance of the Harmonized Ensemble. Adel Ayesh distributes music to most of the stars in the music scene. He has a great artistic based on a collection of his most famous works, He thanked poet Hany Abdelkareem for his presence at the concert, with which he collaborated with several of the most important songs of the last year. His career is art, The concert with the song ended and again strange people at the request of the masses.
The ceremony took over two hours, although Wael suffered from a severe cold but his desire to get out of the ceremony and reception of people to make him forget the cold pain and the beat.
Wael Jassar is a model for the artist who has been widely acclaimed by all aspects of the show and the good selection of his works, and his presence has contributed to enriching the festival.
Wael has already appeared on stage of the opera star, which included a collection of the most beautiful songs of the heritage, where singer Rehab Mutaweh sang in a wonderful way, confirming that he is a professional voice. It is always the choice of songs and repeats some of them many times during the concerts of Arabic music, and should help himself from the crisis of repetition, but the level of sound and performance is professional and able to perform .
Singer Ahmed Effat finished the first season to singer Asmar Abdul Halim Hafez Khayef once loved and then, as Muhammad Fawi was singing cheerful and bird Bina O, my heart, a hopeful singer and character, although singing for her exaggeration Need Nightingale will injustice.
At the scene of the Arabic Institute of Music, the great violinist Dr. Hassan Sharara gave a concert accompanied by a six-part ensemble playing a series of world-renowned works along with a selection of Atiya Sharara's most famous works.
On the stage of the Republic, the choir of the Arab Orchestra performed a concert led by Maestro Ahmed Amer, which included a series of traditional songs.
Star Iman Al-Bahr Darwish gave a concert at the Sayed Dawish Theater at the Alexandria Opera House, accompanied by the Arab National Musical Ensemble, led by Maestro Hazem Al-Qusbaji, in which he sang some of the finest Arabic musical songs and composed Khaled Al-Zekr, Sheikh Sayed Darwish. Sir, ear, Bilal, Sayed, a hand, soul, Arftini, Mahsubko Andas, in the heart of the night, barbarian Odeh Sadaki wanted to pray in the sea with fish and the ceremony ended with the last national song,.
Preceded by a break for opera stars Mei Hassan, Amira Said, Ahmed Said and Ghada Adam. Tighten it with a strong victory, but I do not cry on you, your promise and the love it was.
At the Damanhour Opera House, the Alexandria Opera and Music Opera Orchestra performed a violin concert led by Maestro Abdel Hamid Abdel Ghaffar, the first opera star Ayman Mostafa, Amir El Refaey, Nada Ghaleb and Mei El-Gbaili, during which they heard ears, honey, seductive people and the enemy. .
As for the second period, the great singer Mohammed El Chelus gave a bouquet of the most famous heritage works alongside a variety of his works, which he sang throughout his artistic career, such as the nights of Chelmea, Ahim Sioux, Araf, Habibba, Al-Wazeyah, Aegau and God.
At the Tanta Cultural Center theater, Suaretta band by artist Yasser Suleiman and under the leadership of Maestro Mazen Daraz presented a concert featuring a collection of the most beautiful songs of the beautiful era.
The activities of this day began at 7 pm in the Outer Opera House in Cairo, and received the Opera and National Songs and Songs from Children and Youth from the Center for the Development of Talents, supervised by Dr. Abdel Wahab El Sayed.

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