Wednesday , March 3 2021

The stars of the "heavyweight" will end their contracts the following summer

Some football stars enter the last year of contracts with their clubs, increasing the profile of the top clubs in Europe, which will seek to conclude for free next summer.

Among the most important of these stars are Manchester United goalkeeper David Deja, Atletico Madrid defender Diego Goinin and Chelsea striker Olivier Giro

Here are the top players whose contracts expire at the end of the season:

David De Chia

De Gia is widely considered the best goalkeeper in the world and Manchester United will use every possible means to persuade his Spanish star to renew his contract with the Red Devils.

Diego Gervain (Atletico Madrid)

Uruguay Godine has proved to be one of the best defenders in the world in recent years and perhaps his survival with the Atletico Madrid team may be related to the survival of Argentine coach Diego Simonei in the club's head.

Toby Alverfield (Tottenham)

The Belgian defender may have been one of the closest players to be on this list. Alderfield had previously wanted to leave Tottenham and was ready to move but decided to stay another season.

Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)

The next summer may be the perfect time to let Welshman Aaron Ramsay leave Arsenal Castle. Ramsay has always suffered from the injury curse and the bench, despite his undisputed talent.

Adrienne Rabio (Paris Saint-Germain)

The French midfielder had recent problems with the St Germain team, which means "unavoidable" move outside the team, especially with his support with the German coach Thomas Tochil.

Antonios Marchciel

This season, French Markel made his debut with the Red Devils, who drew the attention of some of the world's top clubs and surely after these "burning" months it will be difficult for Manchester United to keep him.

Olivier Giroux (Chelsea)

French forward Jiro is still looking for a club that gives him the full opportunity to play basically, so far he is considered the "Joker" player in the second half of the game. Jiro may need to leave for a smaller team from Chelsea to ensure he is playing the game or renewing the contract and staying as an alternative player to the Blues.

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