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The screening of the winning films of the second session of the forum of vision in the independent cinema .. Saturday

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Cairo – By Mohammed Salah – Wednesday 7 November 2018 11:12 – Continuing the activities of the independent cinema hosted by the National Film Center, chaired by Dr. Khalid Abdel Jalil, Advisor to the Minister of Cinema Culture in cooperation with the Cultural Development Fund led by Dr. Fathi Abdel Wahab. The following Saturday at 7:00 pm, the award-winning films of the second session of the Vision Forum for new cinemas.

Where the documentary movie "The memory of the sun" by director "May Zayed" and the short film "Sugar" directed by "Nada Rizk" and the short film "Khalil" by Islam Shamb.

The films will also be screened by the "Raúa" judging panel of director Hassan Saleh and the film "The father can die in the end" by Abdel Rahman Salem.

The club will host writer and film critic Khaled Issa to talk about the films during a seminar organized by film critic Ahmed Asr.

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