Tuesday , October 19 2021

The opening of the Orabi branch next December and a project of real estate behind it with £ 100 million


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Cairo – Mohamed Salah – General Ayman Salem, Chairman of Omar Effendi, a construction and development holding company, revealed that Ahmed Orabi branch will open on December 1 after its growth.

Ayman Salem said in Bay 365 that a building will be built behind the Orabi building and that the plans have been completed. The Agouza neighborhood licenses are under construction at a cost of £ 100 million.

From the debts of the company, he said that £ 43 million was paid to the suppliers out of a total of £ 80 million. The company was paid for two years for the remaining amount and the company paid 80% of its debts to the banks.

General Sir Ayman Salem said the company's negotiations with the National Bank continue to secure the company's deposit of more than £ 100 million, noting that the deposit is capable of significantly solving the company's problems, in particular receivables suppliers and some government agencies .

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