Thursday , August 5 2021

The lightning kills two young "Ali and Othman" …

A few days ago, young Othman Yagi (18, from Dhinniyeh) was hit by a deadly thunder during his job after his cell phone hit his pocket and led to his death … Today, Ali Osman was also hit from a lightning strike that killed him immediately On the grounds of the Social Group – Tripoli … The reason for the surprise of many cycles of monitoring where there was a traffic accident in Lebanon Thunder Lightning at this high rate … Here are the causes of the lightning thunder ways of prevention.

Initially, lightning is an electric current between two clouds or between a cloud and the earth, the magnitude varies according to the power of the current passing, which depends on the difference in shifts between the two blocks and has the ability to reach an individual if injured. "Buildings are light emitting diodes, which are the means of evacuating the enormous electric charge, which affects the nervous system of the body and the lungs, and there are also heart disorders and psychological disorders ridges.

It is recommended when lightning happens to avoid standing on high heights and near to metal towers or near a water source such as a pool or lake or near a tree or near the exposed areas because they will be easy targets for lightning sparks. Lighting can be avoided by installing a metal rod at the top of the building that is connected to the ground (lightning) where the electric current flows through it to the ground. It is also recommended to avoid using a mobile phone or water or touching metal objects. Because these objects are considered to be good electrical and low-resistance conductors and therefore prefer lightning to unload the load through them. You should also avoid sitting in rain areas.

In case of injury, consult your doctor because symptoms and lesions may be delayed after a lightning strike for several days, and you should therefore perform rapid tests, especially if the injury is related to the retina.

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