Tuesday , October 19 2021

The FDA approves new Ebola virus tests in remote areas


Gulf Monitoring 365 – Names of – The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the urgent use of a new Ebola test by taking a blood sample from his finger from a reader who makes it possible to reach outcomes outside the lab.

The new test makes it possible to test the results in remote areas with limited laboratory resources, such as those in African countries affected by the Ebola event, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

"The Ebola epidemic demonstrates with disgrace that we are a global community when it comes to protecting public health." Infectious diseases do not recognize the state, "said Scott Gottlieb, the Commissioner for Food and Drug Administration.

The US Food and Drug Administration has warned that test results should not be the only criterion used to determine the course of treatment for the patient, indicating that medical staff should think about their history, signs and symptoms patient and the risk of exposure.

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