Saturday , February 27 2021

The decision of the Baath Party in Syria warns its leaders of AIDS disease!

Fatil Najjar, the secretary of the Bailey Party branch office, issued a circular number 1182 entitled "Leaders informing the party after receiving information that the terrorists of an organized organization are entering citizens' homes on the pretext that they are students in the medical school. AIDS amongst citizens, because their equipment is infected with the virus ", according to the circular, according to the site of" Hashtag Syria ".

In turn, he refused the head of health of Halep Zayed Hajj Taha categorically accused the existence of the disease and stole and surprised the entrance of the cells to organize the fact that the city of Aleppo is absolutely safe, as explained, "Haj Taha" .

In addition, a Volunteer International Day for Sugar campaign was held, which carried out exams in some residential areas, in full coordination with the Aleppo Health Directorate.

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