Star: Stay in Hariri and will not apologize


A member of the "Future Bloc" MP Nazih Najm that "President Saad Hariri is absent and will not apologize, will stay for a long time and will be a government".

"We want to move the country with President Michel Aoun from the bad economic situation to the comfortable situation, we want to eliminate the corruption in the country, who think that the country can continue without government, is wrong, to wait longer."

He considered that "one of the best solutions that Hezbollah can set up to form a government is to withdraw its decision or to withdraw its decision from the so-called" independent Sunni deputies ".

He pointed out that "Aoun and Hariri presidents are welcome to form the government and Hezbollah will not disappoint President Aoun on the last node, especially because he has a 13-year agreement."


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