Tuesday , October 19 2021

Sit on the grass to ask for the Zahle power extension


Assemblies to support Zahle Electricity continued, the last of which was the Al-Marg city from a rally in the city square where protesters held signs calling for the Zahle electricity extension and others refused to return to darkness and darkness.

During the meeting, it was recommended that all members of the Vekka party sign the extension bill for "Zahle Electricity". "The expansion must be open until the state works to provide electricity 24 hours a day.

Sheikh Chalid Kanan also claimed that "stands beside the right represented by Zahle's electricity, which is recorded as a cancellation of darkness and illuminates the villages and cities in the darkness and darkness and generation of mafia that is stronger than the whole country and its institutions ".

"Zahle's electricity alone illuminates our roads, our comfort from the generational mafia, which has always dominated the livelihood of the people. We will not allow us to come back. We will be next to Zahle's electricity and we will join in the movement of people and we will continue our mobility for our families and our lives, "He said.

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