Saturday , June 19 2021

Sharjah expands its influence at the October awards in the Arab League of the Gulf

Sharjah's top club expanded its influence on the Arab Gulf football championship in October after the end of the voting period.

Brazilian striker Wilton Suarez won the Player of the Year award of the month with a small margin in front of Al Nasr, Spain's Alvaro Negredo, who was second, while the Brazilian club Fernando Gabrielle came third.

Sharjah's goalkeeper Delhi Al-Osani defeated his brother Ali, who finished the poll in second place, while Dubai goalkeeper Maid Naser, Al Dali, finished third.

Sharjah Abdulaziz Al Anbari coached the coach's second month, defeating victory coach Ivan Jovanovic, who was the second in the poll, while his national coach, Fauq Razovic, was third.

The winners will receive their awards in the tenth round of the Arab League of the Gulf.

The list of candidates for each month includes three names in each category, which are selected according to the statistics.


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