Saturday , July 24 2021

Shaima Seif speculates about her separation with a vague message … “No one comes to himself because of someone.”

Actress Shaima Seif has speculated about her relationship with her husband and speculation that their relationship has recently been extended for their separation, as she sent a mysterious message through her official Instagram account, specifically to the Astori property, in which he wrote. : “No one comes against himself because of someone who accumulates in people to the detriment of yourself, everyone will regret what he is, because when he hurts you, you will not know that you will prove the opposite of what you have done in the eyes of the people. ”

Shaima Saif
Shaima Saif

And he continued, “In the end, only one word is said,” Our Lord, but whoever has all the truths, and this is the judgment of righteousness, your prayers, from the beginning of the line. ”

Shaima Saif in Astori in front of him
Shaima Saif in Astori in front of her

And the artist, Shaima Saif, sparked widespread controversy recently after she canceled her follow-up to her husband, Muhammad Carter, via her Instagram account and also canceled the follow-up.

She also wrote a mysterious message yesterday via Story on her Instagram account, in which she wrote: “Everything is shared … Praise be to God for everything else.”

All her fans and admirers wondered through her Instagram account whether she broke up with her husband Mohammed Carter after a marriage that lasted more than two years, or is it just a joke, although Shaima and Katr still maintain all their photos on their Instagram accounts and do not delete their wedding photos.

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