Wednesday , January 27 2021

Recommendations to avoid – the dangers of sleep near the cell phone

We do not want to say this, but in reality there are bad news for those who carry their mobile phones everywhere even on their beds. The worst news is that we all do.

The California Department of Public Health has warned of "serious harm" from this little companion who embraces and sleeps beside us and goes to the toilet with us.

According to the Ministry of Health, mobile phones are emitting wireless signals (RF) When sending and receiving information from surrounding circular towers, frequencies that may or may not be dangerous.

But the mystery itself is a warning bell. Phones have not existed for a long time, so it is difficult to identify their long-term damage, which means that their risk continues to grow.

Therefore, the California Department of Health has issued some safety guidelines for mobile phones to reveal very scary things, including "long-term use of mobile phones may be associated with some cancers and other health effects."

This includes brain cancer, neurotoxic tumors, salivary glands, low sperm counts or lack of activity, headache and its effects on learning, memory, hearing, behavior and sleep.

Although there is no clear link between the use of phones and these diseases, this does not prevent us from reducing the exposure to radio frequencies, just to be safe.

As a result, the Health Service has issued the following recommendations:

Keep your phone away from your body: Only a few feet will make a big difference Use a Bluetooth headset as much as possible, send text messages instead of talking on the phone, keep your phone away from you while downloading or sending large files . Bag instead of pocket or bra or belt.

2 – Avoid using your mobile phone when sending high RF levels: This happens when the signal is weak (only one or two service lines) and if you are in a fast car, avoid transmitting audio or video or downloading large files or the mission.

3 – Do not sleep the phone on your bed or near your head unless you get to the aircraft's seat and have to place it at least a few meters. This means that there is no more sleep and phone under the pillow.

4. Disconnect the headset when not connected: The headset emits a small amount of radio frequency even when your phone is not in use, so even though it is better than transferring the phone to the head, you should limit as much as possible exposure to radio frequency.

5. Do not rely on "radiation" or other products that claim to block RF energy, electromagnetic fields or radiation from mobile phones According to the US Federal Trade Commission, any product that interferes with the phone brand can make it more Dangerous and transmit higher power to the radio frequency to stay in touch, which is counterproductive.

The report also states that children are at greater risk from adults because their brains and bodies are much smaller and less developed so that the same amount of radio frequency will have a greater impact on them.

While studies on the impact of wired frequencies on children are still low, the studies available today suggest that children and adolescents may be exposed to "hearing loss, ear hitting, headaches and diminished public health."

Before you hurry to sell your smartphone and get a land phone instead, remember that science is still evolving and that it depends on the balanced use of these devices and most importantly that you are sleeping away from your phone .

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