Tuesday , March 2 2021

Radio Nour Al-Sarraf congratulates Independence: We hope that the anniversary will be a platform for meeting, dialogue, solidarity and preference

National Defense Secretary Yacoub Riyad Al-Sarraf congratulates the Lebanese on Independence Day and praised the Lebanese Army for his successive achievements.

"The history of independence, the history of struggle and the yearning for freedom, the history of ancestors and fathers standing and united under the emblem of liberty and the right to liberate independence after the revolution and the sun of freedom are increasing on 22 November 1943 to mark this day not only for the celebration but for the lesson For us and our children after us and appropriately instill the spirit of nationality and the love of the homeland in the hearts of generations No country oris people does not want his country and a man without a country is simply a refugee lost in the sea of ​​these clouds.

"Today, we hope that the 75th anniversary of independence will be a meeting point for dialogue, solidarity and national consciousness above all other issues, especially at this sensitive and sensitive stage in Lebanon, amid crisis that spreads in our region and trying to destabilize our unity.In our land, protecting our country's independence and maintaining our identity means that we prevent every foreign hand from trying to discriminate and make our unity immune to the foreign ambitious aspirations to penetrate the wall of the country to weaken it We must not forget that the enemy does not conceal the intentions and aspirations of Brna and our wealth, walks us, watches us and We have to appreciate in particular what the army does in order to maintain security and stability and to pay tribute to the successive achievements of our heroic soldiers, the Lebanese army proved to be the fortified fortress that prevents anyone from violating the country's security. Stability ".

He went on: "To the witnesses who fought with their blood of blood to stay, all their glory and appreciation, that you entered history and gave a lesson in faith and love and gave the highest marks sacrifice and self-sacrifice and sacrificed your soul for to live the nation as a free and independent sovereign We must realize that we, the people of Greater Lebanon, can promote our country and its economy together, overcome all crises and stop the culture of spread corruption i previous years, only if we have the intention and the association to take the opportunity to join hands and not to spoil the good of Lebanon.

Finished with the seller, saying: "God in our precious home the blessing of security and security, and the continuation of progress and prosperity, and every year and the homeland and the governor of the homeland and the army and the people a thousand good ".

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