Tuesday , January 26 2021

Prioritize national interest towards all others

A member of the Development and Liberation Bloc, MEP Anwar Khalil, presented the mass media in Hasbaya and Marjayoun to a mass gathering at his home in Hasbaya, in the presence of Labib Salika, a representative of Asaad Hardan, former deputy Nasser Kandil, of the Department of Information, Colonel Jorge Al-Murr, Army General Director, General Joseph Aoun, Ms Rowad Salika, Representative of the General Director of Public Security, Lieutenant-General Abbas Ibrahim, Member of the National Media Council Ghalib Kandil, Qaykam H asbaya Ahmad Karidi, Alwan, the Future Flow Coordinator in the Abdullah Abdullah region and a number of actors.

Following the national anthem, Hebron welcomed the honored people and said: "It is no coincidence that we meet the Days of the Independence Day to honor the press and the media through a group of militants and activists in the free speech arena, it is no coincidence that the price here in Hashbaya, a few miles from Lebanon's dearest and expensive country, is still occupied by the Israeli enemy, where there are the Shebaa farmhouses and the Kafrshuba hills and the northern part village Ghajar.

He added: "Welcome to Hashbaya, the city of coexistence and the kiss of monotheistic messages." Welcome to the area that was once known as discrimination and distinction between its citizens and its people and was a living example of national unity and citizenship as defined by the Constitution and its influences. And to confront the conqueror of the occupation with your dead body, the love of the homeland. "

"Today we celebrate the distinguished media, Tiyat Kandil, about their story, which gave listeners with hope and confidence in their homeland, in the darkest conditions in our country." And women in the field have been giving years and many correspondents of a large number audiovisual media and read in Hasbaya and Marjayoun Fethia area welcome Qandil, associated with your sincere, honored and honored.

Ambijiz: I want to convey to you some of our most important national concerns in the Hasbaya area, which is still at a point of confrontation with the Israeli conqueror. First of all, we are concerned about the information that has been released, some public and some secret, talking about Israeli threats to Lebanon that have recently been transferred by international dealers to the Hezbollah arms. And this information is true, it comes amid growing pressure on the Arab countries, further unilateral concessions and free from the Arab consensus and the decisions of the League of Arab States and at the expense of the Palestinian issue, and that means waiting for more security and the financial security of Lebanon.

"Any solution other than international legality and its resolutions, and in particular the implementation of UN Resolution 194 providing for the right to return Palestinian refugees outside the framework of the restoration of Lebanon to the rest of the occupied territory and the conservation of the land, and its aviation sovereignty, is equivalent to international aggression towards Lebanon and its legitimate rights. and our continued readiness to sacrifice to defend the people of our country, according to the content of the Charter of the United Nations. "

He called for "giving priority to the national interest of all others under these circumstances and to speed up the formation of a national government of unity capable of addressing internal and regional challenges in this exceptional circumstance of the region's history."

He expressed his wish to "share the concerns of the Council of Maronite Bishops expressed in their latest statement on November 7 calling for the removal of urgent obstacles to the proclamation of the new government in a spirit of responsibility and national conscience and morality Two Weeks Not Coming sad and disappointing. "

"I am sorry to tell you today that from the very first day of the appointment of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to form the new government, I saw that the composition would be very complicated and I have not indicated at the end of the writing process, internally and externally."

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