Photo taken by a Lebanese photographer who solved a 27-year-old mystery (witness)


A Lebanese captain ended a 27-year-old mystery with a picture and document dating back to the civil war in Lebanon, ending up with the disappearance of a man whose fate was not yet known.

According to the An Nahar newspaper, photographer Nabil Ismail published the story of a photo taken by a man killed in front of Lebanon's General Directorate General of Security.

The pictures were shown in a media program in late 2017. One person came in contact with the photographer and told him that his photo had solved a 27-year-old mystery, saying the owner was a doctor in a hospital.

"His family believed he had been kidnapped or detained in Syria and sometimes we say he was killed," said An-Nahar, saying, "We live in a 27-year-old whirlpool."

"When we saw your photos on screen, we were shocked. We were sure that the body in the picture was the body of the doctor and the car. "

The photo taken by photographer Ismail shows that the doctor died in the area where he was present.

The photographer spoke about the trauma that accompanied him after listening to the caller and said, "It took about two minutes to talk to him and my caller kept talking to me." Dim and sad I said, "Yes."


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