Wednesday , March 3 2021

On the birthday of the "neighboring Moon" .. Learn about the representative experiences of Fairuz

Lebanese singer Fairouz celebrates his 83rd birthday on Wednesday, and Fairouz is famous for the presentation of many songs and works that surpassed the 800 works, in collaboration with top artists in the Arab world, especially the brothers Assi and Mansour Rahbani.

Apart from the song, Fayrouz had many active experiences on stage and cinema, and his works were presented in various places: Lebanese Casino, Baalbeck International Festival, International Festival of Damascus,Piccadilly Palace in Beirut and the Roman Amphitheater (Amman) in Jordan.

Fairuz presented 15 theatrical plays: "The Moon Bridge" 1962, "The Night and the Candlestick" 1963, "The Rings of the Rings" 1964, The Days of Fakhruddin 1966, The Halo and the King 1967, The Person 1968, The 1971, "The People of Paper" 1972, "The Keyboard" 1972, "The Station" 1973, "" 1975, and "Stone" 1977.

In the cinema, Fairouz starred in three films: "The Lord of the Rings" 1965, "Sefer Berlak" 1967, and "The Girl of the Sentinel" 1968.

He has also presented many documentaries on Fayrouz's life: Fayrouz's documentary on French Channel 8, Fayrouz's documentary about Al Jazeera, and the Fayrouz documentary on Al-Jadida television.

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