Hanan Turk vows to go to court to fight fake accounts


Hanan Al Turk

Retired Egyptian actress Hanan Turk has confirmed that she will prosecute her actor on social media sites and that she will seek to close all fake accounts that speak her name.

And an account called “Hanan Turk” caused a stir on social media, where she wrote: “By God, he who wants to spend his sweet wife for her. I want her to be shiny and beautiful, and her hair is good and comfortable And for manicure, you will have a maid who will wash your dishes and your dirty drink .. I want her to have a tight body after childbirth, to do stretching and to do fitness .. I want her to be successful and smart and she has a name. “a work for her and do her work. Your comfort and the comfort of your children, and glory to our Lord, bring you.”

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Turk did not pay any attention to this issue, until one of her followers alerted her and commented: “Thank you very much for your comment. Indeed, this is a page that writes in my language and unfortunately there are many pages I like, and it is mentioned, and I am glad that the followers know and know that this is not my way or my style “.


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