Wednesday , January 27 2021

Al-Mieh and Mieh army recover their lives today and Palestinian challenges to absorb the effects of conflicts

It is expected that the Miyama refugee camp will regain its normal life cycle starting today, as Lebanon and Palestine's political and security efforts have managed to stop the clashes that broke out between the Fatah movement and Ansar Allah, resulting in the fall of the four It was judged and more than 30 were injured and ended with the departure of General Secretary of the Ansar Allah Movement Jamal Suleiman with his family and relatives and personal escort from the security box to the Rioja Mazza in Syria.

In this context, the Palestinian media stressed that the efforts of Lebanon and Palestine to stabilize the ceasefire in the camp following the publication of the "Monitoring Committee" have often collided with the existence of the situation on the ground in a flight of any kind or challenge. The political agreement between the two parties, under the auspices of President Nabih Berri and Hezbollah, and the efforts of the political forces of Sithonia and Lebanon's security, so that the search for a way out would not succeed in winning the field of "Fatah" and defeat the "Ansar Allah" The camp, and agreed to give up Sulejman, with his deputy Maher Awaid The responsibility of the organization and safety box for to pass the scene and to avoid congestion and boiling in exchange for the removal of Fatah weapons from the streets and to remove the barricades and barricades created during the conflicts by preparing the return of life to the normal, bispecific after more than half of the displaced.

The sources explained that accelerating the completion of what had happened was imposed by sensitive political conditions at local and regional level that exceeded the growing sense of the possibility of recurring conflicts at any moment when Fatah stuck to the "loosening of the loop" at Shelemann Square, the exchange of categories, which means entering the camp in the "unknown" with attempts to mix the "confusion" and the hate rhythm with more than one party and even the fear of moving to Ain al-Hilweh camp, while the phase facing the Palestinian issue is the most serious aspect of the root of the differences Domestic to the point of no return, fear of reflections and the wedge And the failure of the government to achieve the highest degree of security and to prevent any disruption of the peace process, in order to avoid the implementation of the "century-old agreement" indirectly on the issue of overthrow and further battles, disasters and displacements in camps.

On the Palestinian stage, it is now firmly believed that the camp has overcome serious security conflicts but that the Palestinian forces are at a crossroads to understand its effects and to face up to its great challenges First the wounds of their children and the natural restoration of their property rebuilding and repairing their homes. The second is to work to reassure camp children that what happened on the page has been folded and never returned and the pressure on the return of the displaced to prepare for the resumption of the normal life cycle. The third is to make social reconciliations prevent any new tensions or forms, The fourth is the restoration of cohesion links with the neighborhood of Lebanon and the healing of post-partition rupture with Mieh and Mieh, whose people have been hit by recent scandals and the Palestinian focus on neighborhood security and security of Palestinian camps in Libya Only after several attempts to heal the painful wounds of the past, Fifth, to wander in the Lebanese political forces to thank them for serious efforts to stop the bleeding of the Palestinian blood and not harm bilateral relations.

Palestinian sources said the biggest challenge remains the reactivation of the "joint Palestinian action" in Lebanon, which was signed under the auspices of Berri as a reference to political and security in the various camps. Military conflicts or political differences, leaving the camp gates in front of the winds of oppression and the "Confrontation of the Century" and the development of a united popular political project in which the refugees go into another confrontation no less important than their predecessors to preserve the survival of the UNRWA Agency with its continuing budget deficit and its unknown fate By approaching the beginning of 2019 and maintaining its education, health and service without any reduction, the indicators have begun to appear on the horizon for the starting point of each other, the information center to stop recruiting more staff, and more recently a number of doctors working in the health centers in some of the camps .

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