Thursday , April 15 2021

50 thousand fans who fit into Egypt and Tunisia

The security meeting to coordinate the match between Egypt and Tunisia with the US President of the Competition Commission and the Alexandria region representing the Football Association with the formal agreement to attend the 50,000 fans for the game scheduled for November 16 at Borg El Arab to Alexandria next month in the fifth round of 2019 to be held in Cameroon.

Amer Hussein has confirmed that there are 42 thousand tickets for a regular degree, 5, 6, 7 and 8 doors and 7 thousand first and second and top tickets, and one thousand front ticket cabin and 75 tickets to the central cabin and 150 media and 50 photographers Gate 2 was made available for entry, with Tunisians and Gate 1 for ambassadors, ministers and elected officials of Egypt and Tunisia.

Egypt, headed by Mexican Javier Aguirre, qualifies for the African Nations in 2019 after completing the second team in Group 10 with nine points behind the Tunis leaders with 12 points and ahead of two rounds.

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