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Ventspils will compete with the NBA – Basketball Champion –

With two wins and four losses, Ventspils ranks second in Group A. The eighth Ludwigsburg manager (1-5) managed to gain a lead in the expansion and the fight was rescued from the exact distance of Rihard Lomaža in the final seconds of the main race . This duel took place two weeks ago, but last week the Ventspils players in their 75:80 team admitted to "Nizhny Novgorod". After a failed first half, he managed to deflect the deficit, but in the last minute, host leader Cendrick Perry, who broke deadly hopes for victory, did not stop.

If "Ventspils" is the second team from the end, Avellino's "Sidigas" is the second team from the top – the Italian unit's balance is five wins and only one loss. The only fall in the off-road fight against the Murcia leader (69:72), with which Kurzeme's players were hit with a six point deficit (85:91). It should be noted that only one of the victories of Sidig has been overwhelmingly overwhelmed by the hit Ludwigsburg with a score of +19. In other games, the average difference was only 4.25 points (+7, +3, +4 and +3).

Sidigh is the leader of the American fight, Norris Cole, who averages 18.5 points on average, is the second best player in the Champions League, while the 7th is the third. Kola is also the best-known basketball player since he spent six seasons in the National Basketball Association, representing the Miami Heat, New Orleans Pelicans and Thunder Oklahoma City. He came to Mecca at a time when LeBron James is "Heat," so Kol will boast in two NBA tournaments. In the second race, he placed 6.1 points, 2.0 assists and 1.9 rebounds in the match, spending 20 minutes.

Kowl became an Israeli champion last season in Tel Aviv's Maccabi ranks but in the summer he made a major change to Sidig's team. The regular league of last season ended the fourth and hopes to achieve big goals, but the loss was already in the quarterfinals. The leadership of the team was handed over to Serbs Nenad Wuichinich, who in the past trained New Zealand. Only three of the last year's leaders have been retained – the Argentine with the Italian passport Ariel Filo, Senegalman Hamaddy Ndai and Lorenco D Ercols, who twice became an Italian champion.

The 34-year-old US striker Dimitris Nikolaos, whose freezer has more than one shelf, is also highlighted by newcomers. Together with CSKA Moscow he won EuroLike in 2016 but won the VTB Cup in the season. Two years ago Nicolas added the title of Greek champion, but last season he won in Croatia. A total of 18 more NBA games. In the Champions League, the veteran scored 14.2 points on average and gathered 7.3 bombs under the baskets. However, Sidigis is the best player in the rebound bombardment of another American – Matt Castello scored 13.8 points and gathered 9.3 rebounds each fight.

Group diary

Date Time Game The result
November 20th 19:00 Banvit – Murcia 62:63
November 21st 18:00 Nizhny Novgorod – Ludwigsburg
19:00 Anvil – Le Mans
21:30 Avellino – Ventspils

Group A

V The team S U G. whereas, +/-
1 Murcia 7 6 1 +61
2 Avellino 6 5 1 +33
3 Banvite 7 4 3 +56
4 Nizhny Novgorod 6 3 3 -16
5 Anvil 6 2 4 -11
6 Le Mans 6 2 4 -33
7 Ventspils 6 2 4 -40
8 Ludwigsburg 6 1 5 -50

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