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This is what Earth might look like in alien telescopes – Space – Science

It is true that researchers at Cornell University are working to develop an idea of ​​what the Earth may look like on other planets or planets that exist outside the solar system and surround a star.

In a study still published in Arxiv preprint, scientists created a so-called two-dimensional alien map, imagining that the Earth was an exoplanet.

In order to find exoplanets on which human life could exist, astronomers constantly look at telescopes, where they only see tiny light spots. To better understand these points, astronomers have decided to reverse the problem: take pictures of an already existing planet and draw something similar to what foreign astronomers could see many light years away.

Initially, scientists collected 10,000 photos of our planet with NASA's Deep Space Climate Observatory.

The partner is in a gravitational balance between the Earth and the Sun. This means that only half of the Earth's day is visible. Astronomers took a photo of the Earth for one or two hours each day from 2016 to 2017, creating a gallery for the study.

To represent the view from an extraterrestrial perspective, the researchers scaled and converted all images to reflect the perspective of a potential alien who had been watching the Earth for two years.

"This study will help displaced people identify land-like terrain and other structures," the study wrote.

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