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The world of the album. In poll "Microphone 78" won the modern and crazy "In Town" / Article / LSM.LV

When the most popular song worship ceremony began in 1978, a celebration was held in the Latvian Radio House, which also had a direct connection to the "Microphone". Specifically, in the autumn of autumn, I turned to one of my favorite radio speakers, Ausma Indriksone, with whom we have been conducting "microphone" programs for more than 10 years, as well as the final events of the annual vote. All the good cravings of Cinderella, as we called it, came from the edges of the edge, as well as baked rolls, candy cans, pattern gloves, socks and all the other goodies.

Final concerts have traditionally been held between Christmas and New Year, this time on December 30. The day was unusually frozen, the mercury column on the thermometer dropped to minus 31.2 degrees. The atmosphere in the Philharmonic Hall, which was full of the last chance, was another. The crowd crossed the disco and although "Boney M" performed in Moscow, not in Riga, the "rivers of Babylon" sounded full of country houses, villages and streets.

The fact that again one of Raimond Pauls's victories would be won was expected when the research began and it became equally clear that the award of the award would be achieved today with a live and modern melody with the words "For the City" by Mirzda Zīvere , Aija Kukule and Performance Team "Modo".

A few voices were Maestro's "Eliya" album in Victor Lapchenka's performance, but in third place, violinist former radio teacher Jurass Karlsons, during "No Time" with Ilze Binde – singer Mirdza Zīvere, fell on third position.

The fact that the popularity of the annual "Microphone" polls continued to increase in geometric proportions was also demonstrated by the fact that this time in the first tenth without Raimonds Pauls there were five other songs, such as Juris Karlsons, Zigmars Liepins, Harijs Užans, Zigismunds Lorentss and Gunars Freidenfeld Until the poll was a popular melody in Edgars Liepiņš's unique "The Three Speakers", he was censured that the old days were too much praise.

The "Microphone" concert at the Philharmonic Hall in 1978 was the third and most recent, as many people had to stay behind the door due to lack of space.

As a result, the organizers began to consider other possible polls for concert venues such as Daile Theater or the Riga Sports Palace, where more than 5,000 listeners could fit.

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