Wednesday , June 16 2021

Tarvid sister from the Taekwondo U-21 Championship returns with two medals


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Jolanta Tarvida has become Europe's U-21 Champion.

Jolanta Tarvida has become Europe's U-21 Champion.


The talented folk wrestlers of Taekwondo, Inese and Jolanta Tarvid from the U-21 European Championship in the Warsaw capital of Poland are returning home with two medals, because on Thursday Inese won gold, but on Saturday Jolanta added silver.

We have already mentioned that Inese, weighing up to 53 pounds, has won five exciting victories. First in the first round, with 20: 7, defeated Nure Höglfeldy, while in the second duel with 9: 2 surpassed the Spanish Arlet Ortiz Benito.

As a result, Latvia entered the quarter-finals, where with 18: 5 Poltava Eva Jamjolkovsku beat. In his semifinals, resulting in 17: 7, welterweight champions Zelihu Arisu of Turkey from last year convincingly won.

In the final, however, the final score of 19-year-old I. Tarvides with a 14: 5 score was certainly superior to Greek Anna Giakoumopoulou.

On the other hand, the younger sister, Jolanta, on Saturday in a weight class of up to 57 pounds was in four wins in five races. His fight began in the second round, where Greek agent Theodore Izdru was defeated by 17: 1, while in the third round, Jolanta, with 16: 6, defeated German Stephanie Graenauer.

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As a result, he reached the quarterfinals, where only the end of the toughest fight at 16:14 was blamed by Bosnia and Herzegovina's Milic Karanovic, while in the semifinals 8: 5 he defeated Turkish athlete Tugby Yilmazou.

In the final, Jolanta with 0:11 agreed with Patricia Adamkevich, who became the silver medalist.

Last year, Inese Tarvida won the World Championship of the Bronze Championship, while Jolanta was awarded the same European Championship champion, which failed to repeat this year, from ninth place. Ines Tarvid has two silver medals at the European Championship.

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