Saturday , February 27 2021

Standard & Poor warns of Nissan's ability to reduce its credit rating

Standard & Poor's (S & P), a global security firm, warned Tuesday that it could cut the Japanese car company Nissan Motor Co. a credit rating in connection with the arrest of Carlos Gosna, chairman of his council, for alleged financial irregularities.

The S & P notes that Nissan's profitability could significantly worsen the current and next financial year if Gosna's violations affect the sales volume of the company or its alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors will suffer.

The agency adds that any potential credit crunch would be a step.

It has already been reported that Guantan is held in Japan for alleged financial crimes.

The Japanese prosecutor said on Tuesday that Gosn had not claimed an income of about 40 million euros.

Meanwhile, Nissan announced that other serious offenses committed by Gosn were discovered in a corporate survey that lasted a few months.

A meeting of Nissan's supervisory board planned for Thursday to decide on the release of Gosna by the presidency of the Council is scheduled for Thursday.

He is also expected to lose the position of Chairman of the Mitsubishi Motors Council. The fate of Gosna is also to be decided by the Renault Council – in this company, Gosn is also the chairman of the board and the head of the company.

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