Relatives to the death of a young boy accuse the family doctor


A family in Ozolnieki believes that the death of his son, 28, John, is directly in the consciousness of the family doctor.

Janis, who has left the band, fell in January, going to a family doctor,

the drug was prescribed, but after a few days the health condition deteriorated and the relatives brought her to the Jānis Jelgava City hospital.
The man was taken to the resuscitation section. Everything was a very serious illness – the influenza A virus with complications – and pneumonia.

John was soon connected with an artificial snorkel. Relatives hope that the situation will improve. but it does not happen – on February 2, the boy's heart stopped forever.

The family believes that the family doctor has diagnosed the wrong diagnosis and has prescribed inappropriate treatment.

A few days after John's death, a passage from the Jelgava Hospital received in his arms. Unlike diagnosis of transmission, unspecified pneumonia is written. The family decided to turn to the GP, believing that the assistant's office was diagnosed with a misdiagnosis.

Maruta Serzane, a family doctor, and the assistant to Doctor Vaira Dreimane, believe she has done her best.

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