Sunday , April 18 2021

Mono Bobsleigh can help me / day

It has already been reported that Muse from the athletes of Latvia showed the best results in the first international monopoly competitions, as Lillehammer won two fourth places on Sunday and Monday. In Norway, the new branches of the Olympic Games – monobobsleja for women – began in Europe for the first international trainings and competitions, which also included Alya Grabuste, a laugh by Alyssa Grabuste and a choked Catherine Sirma from Latvia.

"There was a rather unpleasant feeling on the first trip, but then it was always better and more enjoyable with every passing year and eventually I could enjoy it all," said Muse at the LETA agency. "At first I did not feel well because it was something unknown, I was preparing for the first time and I imagined what to expect, but in fact it was five times worse than he had previously thought. It's more tragic if you make something wrong on the track, because then you throw I think it's more emotional and not physically difficult y women, but finally realized that this sport is really pleasant and I hope that the girls will come and try it. "

Muse said that after the last trips she could smile because she had a well-developed sense of work. Also, Latvian athletes were trained at this stage by one of the leading Daumants Dreiskens, a leading bobsleigh bobsleigh, and a representative of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) and former bobsleigh pilot Gatis Gūt.

"Dreiskens had come with us as the head coach and responded to all the questions we experienced, he is an experienced athlete and so Daumant was easy to understand and share his knowledge, which is the best as the former pilot was in a place to say about the track, the racers and everything that needs to be done during the trip. "In my opinion, all this cooperation was very good," said Mouze.

Dreiskens and Ego gave only the most important information before the contest, without exaggerating their amount.

"They do not overdo it with the information provided and at the beginning Dreiskens and Gaut said to a minimum, so that travel is safe and free of falls. So, by the end, we did pretty much the second day when we traveled before training, because in fact At that time we did not realize what awaits us. The job became more on the track – during the trip, "the Latvian dungeon is convinced.

Similarly, the athlete feels that the mono-bobsleigh can help her with the whip.

"For me to break, I'm very close to powerful and explosive foot exercises because the upper body and neck are very good for me but my legs are rather weak, which are also affected by the breakage of the transverse links. "said the athlete.

Mucus cracking is still a priority.

"Obviously, I still concentrate more on the batter because the Olympics will be less than two years old, and the World Championship next year." The preparations are now postponed shortly, so training monobobsley does not affect preparation to beat the matches in any way and we are coaches Mono Bobsley gave me new strength but I can not promise you anything about my future plans because I've been to this sport for only a week something new and with that thought I live, "said the athlete.

Future plans for museums are to go to training camps in Finland, but athletes believe that the time devoted to monobobsley should be used as efficiently as possible.

"It is very premature to talk about taking part in the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. Of course, there are different thoughts in my mind and it would be ideal if I could participate in the Winter Olympics, but for now I have to concentrate on the Summer Games and I'm complying with regulations that are not easy so there is no health problem because the trauma I'm tempted to show my best performances In the meantime, everything is all right and everything is done to prevent s health, "said Mouzon.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has included seven new categories at the Beijing Olympics, one of which was a monolithic woman.

Currently, the 25-year-old Muse in 2013 won the European Championship U-23. In 2012, he participated in the London Olympics, where he won 13th, but the Rio de Janeiro Olympics suffered a trauma due to injuries.

This year's European Championship in Berlin, Latvia took 19th place.

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