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Mercedes-Benz launches the new CLA Coupé – Auto News – Auto

Aerodynamic improvements

The new CLA beam extension (except 63 mm front and 55 mm behind the previous one) and the lowest center of gravity are the two main factors that offer the model with the most sporty driving qualities in all models of the new generation Mercedes- Benz. The new suspension is designed to reduce noise and vibration while wheels and tires have been optimally aerodynamically optimized – for both conventional disc and tire combinations and so-called aerodynamic wheels, which have been redesigned to achieve the best aerodynamic effect.

The year since the first presentation or MBUX continues to evolve

A year ago, MBUX excited the world of cars in its first show in Las Vegas, offering powerful high-resolution computers, screens and graphics, customizable screen, extended-life navigation, learning-learning software and Hey Mercedes -speaking. At the moment, MBUX Interior Assist's new speech management function is capable of delivering increasingly diverse thematic responses to specific country content, responding to increasingly complex issues, no longer killing any other passengers and answering only "Thanks to the innovative technology, MBUX currently supports riders by simplifying the various comfort and MBUX functions such as contact-free and easy-to-operate both in the sun and in the dark.

Intelligent Drive and other S-class features

The new CLA coupe is equipped with the latest driver support or driver support, thus providing the highest level of active safety in this segment and using functions derived from the S class. For the first time in some cases, the CLA is able to run partially autonomous, so watch the traffic situation carefully. Advanced cameras and radar systems let you see up to 500 meters ahead. Card and navigation data are also used for CLA assistive functions. For example, the DISTRONIC Active Distance Tracking System can provide driver support along the route and easily adjust the speed when approaching turns, crossings or circular crossings. There is also an active emergency stop system and an active lane changing system that can warn the driver using the steering wheel vibrations if the car accidentally leaves its lane when the speed is between 60 and 200 km. / Time. If a car crosses a continuous line, the auxiliary system can bring it back to the lane using one-off braking. In the case of an interrupted line, this interference is only achieved if there is a risk of collision with a vehicle in the adjacent lane or forward.

PHOTO: Daimler AG

Wellness while driving

The CLA Coupe is complemented by the ENERGIZING Comfort control system, which combines the various comfort systems of the car – air conditioning, seat (heater, ventilation, massage), lighting and musical dispositions as well as special wellness. Monitoring a person's physical condition, such as anxiety level or sleep quality, makes it possible to optimize the accuracy of recommendations with Mercedes-Benz's three-dimensional smart watch or another compatible smartphone that is worn on Garmin. They are designed to offer passengers comfort and relaxation even during difficult or monotonous trips.

PHOTO: Daimler AG

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