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LU victory marks second place in the Latvian LIBL team standings for Ventspils, which finishes the main tournament with a victory / Day

The University of Latvia defeated the Ogre in their field with 73:64 (12:21, 19:20, 23:15, 19: 8).

In the first half, only at the beginning of the game were the students in the lead, they reached 9: 5 after the accurate shot of three points by Albert Putan. “Ogre” responded with a break of 8: 0, reaching the lead of 15 points twice at the end of the half.

The home team did not allow further detachment, after the accurate long shot of Kārlis Žunda 42 seconds before the end of the third quarter, achieved only a deficit of two points – 54:56.

In addition, at the beginning of the second half, with four consecutive points from Roberts Kāpostiņš and Anrija Miškas, the home team took the lead with 58:56 and the last draw in this match was 47 seconds later, when Andre Volker reached 58: 58.

The hosts responded with a seven-point break, five of which were free throws.

The visitors failed to play, reaching LU’s biggest advantage at the end of the game after an accurate penalty by Žunda.

In the “double-double” winners’ ranks – 17 points and ten rebounds – as well as nine provocative notes on Forest’s account. Reinis Avotiņš and Edvards Mežulis, who also had 11 rebounds and six errors, as well as five comments and caused fouls.

Rihards Kuksiks scored 18 points for the visitors. 17 points and five rebounds were collected by Volker, 15 points and six rebounds – Rihards Zēbergs.

This season, Ogre’s had won three of the four mutual games.

The “University of Latvia” could not climb higher than sixth place in the main tournament, but the team has advanced during the season. Meanwhile, Ogre, who is still claiming second place at the tournament table, has only won once in the last five games, but against his main opponent “Ventspils” (100: 92).

In the second game of the day “Valmiera Glass” https://news.google.com/ The team “Vidzeme University College” left “Ventspils” at home with 66:96 (13:23, 18:27, 19:19, 16:27).

In favor of the home team, which was never in the lead, seeing a draw on the board only at the start of the match, Klāvs Dubults scored 19 points, 15 – Ervīns Jonāts, both of whom also won five rebounds. Kārlis Apsītis had 11 points, 10 points and seven assists from Edmunds Elksnis.

In the away standings 17 points, eight rebounds and four blocks to William Reimens, 15 points to Māris Gulbis and Andrejs ļeļakovs, who also has six rebounds, 14 – to Kristaps Medis, but in the case of the “double-double” – 11 points and ten rebounds – it was Christopher Coffee.

“VEF Rīga” won first place in the Latvian group group in 25 games with 23 wins, “Ventspils” finished with 15 wins, “Ogre” with 14 hits. 12 victories were won by the “Liepāja” team, seven – by the “Valmiera Glass” / ViA team, but four successes were won by the “University of Latvia” unit.

Also in this duel, three of the four matches won Saturday’s favorites – Ventspils.

Valmiera basketball players are currently in top form, having won five of their nine games since February, but Ventspils players have won the top four in four of their 12 games.

In addition, on Saturday, before the match, the Ventspils club announced the expiration of the contract with one of the leaders of the team – Kemeron Randls, a US player.

The calendar approved before the season predicted that until December 6, the teams of each country will play only against each other, but with the continuation of the season, international games will be held. Given the epidemiological situation in the region, the league board decided to play the main event in both countries separately.

After two separate tournaments for Latvia and Estonia, the top three teams from each country will be eligible to play in the final tournament of the Latvian-Estonian league, which will take place from 8 to 11 April in Riga.

13 teams participate in the LIBL championship in the 2020/21 season – six Latvian units – “VEF Rīga”, “Ogre”, “Ventspils”, “Valmiera Glass” https://news.google.com/ “Vidzeme University College”, ” University of Latvia “and” Liepāja “, as well as seven teams from Estonia – Tallinn” Kalev “https://news.google.com/” Cramo “, Rapla” Avis Utilitas “,” Parnu Sadam “,” University of Tartu ” , Rakvere “Tarvas”, Tallinn “Kalev” / TLU and “TalTech”.

In the first Latvian-Estonian joint league tournament in the 2018/2019 season, Ventspils won 15 teams in both the main tournament and the final 4, but the 2019/2020 season remained unfinished, ranking first in the main tournament, which was suspended in the Covid-19 pandemic. occupying the “VEF Rīga”, the second – “Ogrei”, the third – Tallinn Kalev “https://news.google.com/” Cramo “and the fourth -” Ventspils “.

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