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Fragility and Lightness – Textile Exhibition Eric Zutere / Article /

From 27 June in Room Room – fragility, lightness and transparency in the personal exhibition "Cross section" of the textile artist Erik Zutere, "Room" gallery. The exhibition proves the time-consuming entertainment of the artist – games with "paper and additives", materials, colors and contrasts in nature – games developed from past years of paper passion.

"These are compositions made up of fruit and vegetable papyrus, from rhubarb to exotic fruits at the corner of the house. Nature itself is the most important artist with which it is not worth to compete, participate better and engage," says Eric Soft, dried and multi-pressed "plant slices" is like a miniature texture miniature. Having a small textile additive (canvas and yarn) – works in nature with motifs, trees, fields and different rhythms that can be produced v visible.

Eric Zutere (1969) graduated from the Academy of Art of the Academy of Art and is a member of the Artists' Union and IAPMA (International Association of Handmade Cartography and Stationery).

The exhibition in the Room Room is open until August 3rd.

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