Wednesday , January 20 2021

Bluger beat the penguins to lose AHL

Latvian striker Theodor Blugger made a good pass in the American Hockey League match (AHL) but did not save Penguins from Vilksbare / Skranton from the loss of Providens "Bruins" by 2: 5.

Blugger helped the team on the second goal when Antony Angelo was accurate as he scored two goals and finished the game with a negative -1.

Two thirds of the Penguins were injured by 0: 4 but in the last third the team was able to score two goals.

The Blücher score was in the fourth season and the hockey player managed to score nine points in 14 games. (5 + 4) Meanwhile, the "Penguins" with seven wins in 14 games is the seventh in the Eastern Conference.

The next game will be played by Blugger on Wednesday night when he met with Springfield's Thunderbirds.

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