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Approximately 70 Russian athletes risk being accused of an ambitious doping program / Day

It has already been reported that RUSADA is investigating an impressive doping plan in the Republic of Chuvashi. The investigation began in 2017 and since then 140 witnesses have been heard. A total of 60 anti-doping rule violations involving 33 athletes, including underage athletes, have been identified.

It is true that, according to Ganus, it is only the first batch of things, and the second part of the total number of athletes could increase to 70.

RUSADA does not disclose the names of the athletes, but there are 17 athletes, five cyclists, three Sampo wrestlers, two biopathologists and paralympics, and a boxer, veteran wrestler, gym trainer and skier.

Similarly, the head of RUSADA strongly criticized the Russian Federation of Sport (VFLA) for cosmetic improvements instead of cultural changes. The International Sport Federation (IAAF) has extended the VFLA blockade by 11 times.

"There has been a lot of time in the last four years to show positive sport. We have enough material to say that today VFLA can not be lifted," says Ganus.

Russian athletes were prevented from joining the Beijing Pyongyang Winter Olympics last year, stressing that a state-sponsored doping system has been established in Russia, but now athletes in the country are optimistic about the start of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The World Anti-Doping Organization (WADA) has renewed RUSADA's activities only last September. At the same time, it was decided that by the last day of the year Russia should provide access to the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. However, it was late.

On Thursday, the IAAF Intelligence Integrity Unit (AIU) announced that it had received 110,000 dossiers from WADA from the anti-doping laboratory in Moscow. There is currently no time limit for reviewing all data.

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