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AHHAA Science Center in Estonia: Who wants to get into space? – Entertainment

To reach space and see the universe with your eyes, it is the dream of many people. You see the Earth in all its glory and perhaps you can even reach a star or a planet. There may be someone in the future who will know the place in the future. This is why the AHHAA Science Center, located in our neighboring Estonia, Tartu, has unveiled a new Ahhaa report, a space event that mentions mankind's greatest desire to travel longer and explore the vastness of space .

It has to be seen and tested

Exhibition Ahhaa, race in space! offers to explore the history of space science, the secrets of space missions and the greatest human achievements in space. Take a look at the beginnings of the missions and learn more about the admirable space race between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War – the first man's space flight and a journey to the Moon. Visitors to the exhibition can see various historical proofs of space science, such as the real science Sputnik an artificial companion who had flown the Earth 29 years ago. The prototypes of the scouts of the real cosmonauts – including the famous ones Apollo 11 costume designers Nile Armstrong and Baza Oldrina, modern US cosmonauts and future marsh and lunar costumes as well as astronaut dishes Lunar soups canned, coffee, not fitting into the toothpaste tube, socks and pen for working in space. It is also possible to see for your own eyes the real surface samples collected during the mission of the moon, telescopes and various cash from the beginning of the acquisition of space to this day. They also include a camera captured on the Moon. In addition to the exhibits, it is also possible to practice, for example, all interested parties have a great opportunity to discover how they are weighed when they are on other planets and also have the opportunity to enter the cosmonaut's skin – board the spacecraft, to be cosmonaut, taking samples from the lunar surface and enjoying the ice cream that the cosmonaut is eating while in space. In the report you will find out which countries are preparing for a closer or further space flight, and whether a person will soon make the first steps on Mars and whether Mars will live and when we can launch new galaxy launch trips.

Ahhaa, race in space! will wait for visitors every day until 3 November 2019. More information about the exhibition is available AHHAA on the Science Center website. The author of the report is Aurea exhibitions.

Exciting appearances

By report Ahhaa, race in space! nothing is over. The Science Center also offers space for projection of planetary views. There you can see about 10 million stars both above and around. AHHAA The Science Center offers three kinds of planetarium meetings. First session Let's fly to the Universe! offers a closer look at the stars. Learn answers to questions – what is the star invented the constellations and is the Moon really cheese? The second session of the planetarium Discovery of the universe is offered to come out of the universe beyond our solar system and imagine how the exploration of space could take place in the future. Third Planetarium Theater Travel through the universe will begin on our planet Earth by visiting other planets of the solar system and the Moon, and then see other galaxies and constellations flying through the stars and the Milky Way. Before you return to Earth, you can get acquainted with the International Space Station, which revolves around the Earth. During planetary impressions, there is an opportunity to get close to the stars, including the Moon, other planets, our Milky Way as close as possible!

Such as AHHAA The Science Center offers the opportunity to see the sun, which is difficult to see with the naked eye because of the light rays. On the roof of the science center, when the weather is not over and the sun shines in the sky, it is possible to look at the telescope and watch out for the sun.

Exact knowledge can be interesting

AHHAA invites you to see and taste over 170 fantastic and functional exhibits in the permanent exhibition of the center and see at least twice a year unprecedented and brand new exhibitions. Visitors to the center can take a ride on the air, experience a free fall, follow the chicks and see a unique collection of anatomy, where its oldest exhibition has survived since the 19th century. principle. You can also learn the laws of nature in the theater of science, where complex things will be explained in plain language. Try scientific experiments in creative workshops where biology, chemistry, physics and psychology have never been more interesting than now. AHHAA the scientific center's exhibitions are designed for strange ideas of all ages – families with young children, students, students and younger seniors.

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