Thursday , January 28 2021

"The decision to end up worrying" … Have a meeting with friends of Japan | Mission

The singer and actress KUHARA decided to meet Japanese fans despite the controversy with his ex-boyfriend.

KUHARA said the news of the fans' meeting through the official website of Japan. "I apologize for the inconvenience caused by my personal affairs. I was hesitant due to various reports and it was too late to greet each other because I could not organize my mind."

"Even in this situation, the encouragement and the message of your support was a great encouragement. Thank you very much, "said Kuhara, who said:" When I had a supporter meeting last year, I have made many promises and promises to come with you next year. I had to eliminate them and sometimes I was worried. However, I decided to make this year's festival. "

Cuhara decided to meet her fans in Japan on Christmas Eve on December 24th. He said: "I would like to meet with you and express my deepest gratitude and gratitude to all of you. I would like to re-examine myself once again and I would like to go a little in order to be able to offer health and happiness in from various activities in the future ".

Kuhara was questioned last September when he allegedly attacked his friend Jong Bum. Jongbeom said he was attacked by Kuhara and Kuhara insisted on both sides.

After the incident, the two men's conversation continued to spread into pornographic revenge. It was found that Jung Hara was threatened by Jong Bum with his private video.

Gangnam police station in Seoul, who was in charge of the case, announced on March 7 that he plans to send Kuhara and Jongbeom to the prosecutor's office. Jae Hara is accused of injuring, and Choi Jong Beom is reported to be in violation of the extraordinary law on Injury, Intimidation, Compulsion, Punishment of Sexual Abuse and Property Damage.

Kim, Kyeong-kyun [email protected]/ Photo = DB TV show, handwritten letter specialist Kuhara

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