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The Corona 19 vaccine with Sam will be a vaccine to save humanity … Why is the US rejecting the vaccine?

[더셀럽 김지영 기자] In “With Sam”, through the history of vaccines, we predict the future of the Corona 19 vaccine.

On the afternoon of the 28th, KBS1 Liberal Arts Program “With a Teacher” features a disease history researcher, Dr. Kim Seo-hyung, and the section “Six Vaccines, Save Humanity” is decorated.

US President Roosevelt, novelist Kim Yoo-jeong and Russian Pyotr II What do these three have in common? These are the people who have suffered from deadly infectious diseases such as “polio”, “tuberculosis” and “natural smallpox”. If there were “vaccines” then how would the lives of the three people change?

The Importance of Vaccines Caused by COVID-19! How do we deal with the infectious disease crisis in history through the six deadly infectious diseases that put the global village in crisis, “Neonpox”, “measles”, “rabies”, “polio”, “tuberculosis” and “mumps” After the birth of the vaccine , we will look at how the trend of infectious diseases has changed with Dr. Seohyung Kim, researcher of disease history.

It is a “pandemic”, ie a situation in which the epidemic is not limited to one region or country, but prevails worldwide.

Since the founding of the WHO in 1948, the pandemic has been declared three times in human history. These include the 1968 flu (Hong Kong flu), the 2009 swine flu, and the 2020 corona 19. So there could not have been a pandemic before?

Experts call it “Natural Bean” as the first pandemic in human history. Smallpox had a high mortality rate, killing about 50 million people, 10% of the population of the Roman Empire at the time. There is no cause or cure. People then believed that smallpox was a punishment for man by God. Various methods were used, such as the gut and superstition, but they did not work.

Then, in May 1976, the British doctor Jenner heard rumors that people with chickenpox (an acute infectious disease associated with cattle) do not have smallpox. An 8-year-old boy was rubbed with the vaccinia vaccine on the wound and injected with smallpox bacteria. It was the moment when the first vaccine of humanity was born. Infectious disease = Smallpox was not the only disease I thought was a ghost.

The disease with the most records in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty is’measles’. At the time, Silhak’s researchers advocated the power of disease research, but it was not enough and the measles vaccine appeared in 1963.

In the past, epidemics came from animals familiar to humans. 30,000 years ago humans and dogs began to live together. Rabies is a disease that appeared in dogs as they entered the human sphere. It is a disease caused by the bites of animals with the rabies virus. It is a very scary disease with aggression, confusion, seizures and rabies symptoms and 100% mortality rate

Pasteur, a biochemist known to us, has developed a rabies vaccine. The cause of the disease was clearly identified and a rational treatment was proposed through the development of full-scale vaccines. By drying the spinal cord of a rabbit rabies brain for a long time, attenuated toxicity (attenuated vaccine) vaccine was injected into the dog to confirm the effect of rabies prevention. It was the birth of a second generation smallpox vaccine.

Polio is an infectious disease of the nervous system caused by the polio virus. In 1940, polio spread rapidly throughout the United States. At the time, people said that polio, which engulfed the entire city in great chaos, was a fear comparable to that of an atomic bomb.

Research into the polio vaccine began in 1948. Under the guidance of Dr. Jonus Sork, performed a large-scale clinical trial in American history. The experiment, which involved 20,000 doctors and public health officials, 64,000 school staff and 1.8 million children, was successful. As a result, the number of polio cases dropped significantly, to 160 in 1961.

In particular, Dr Sonner did not exercise his patent for the public good. The famous words he left are still being discussed. “Will you patent the sun?”

Since 1962, there has been a vaccine that requires vaccination for all newborns within 4 weeks of age. It is not the “BCG” vaccine that is not injected. The BCG vaccine is linked to the epidemic that has caused the most deaths in human history. It is tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is mainly transmitted to the lungs by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and has spread worldwide since industrialization in the mid-18th century.

German bacteriologist Robert Koch opened the door to research on tuberculosis vaccines by discovering tuberculosis bacteria using a microscope given to him by his wife as a birthday present. He was the founder of bacteriology, proving that the disease is caused by bacteria. Based on this research, Koch received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and the tuberculin reaction test he invented has been widely used as a method to determine the presence or absence of tuberculosis.

It takes a lot of time, effort and staff to produce a vaccine. But in human history, are there scientists who have developed more than 40 vaccines? The main character is Dr. Morris Hillman of the United States. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, chickenpox, pneumonia, etc. It has developed the most vaccines in human history.

Maurice Hillman, who intuitively senses her daughter’s neck pain and takes samples to develop the first mumps vaccine. This vaccine is known as a vaccine that prevents not only mumps, but also measles and rubella, which are popular worldwide. It is the first vaccine to incorporate a live virus strain and was named “MMR vaccine” after the first letter.

However, in 1998, an unexpected controversy arose over the MMR vaccine. It’s because of the eyes of British doctor Andrew Wakefield. In his newspaper, he claimed, “five out of eight patients with autism were children who received the MMR vaccine within a week of birth.”

Confused parents have been involved in the vaccine campaign and, as a result, the number of people infected with measles in the US peaked in 2019. Is this thesis true?

On February 26, 2021, the Corona 19 vaccine was finally launched in Korea.

The greatest “public health triumph” in history, the dazzling achievement of science and medicine, vaccines that have freed countless people from the fear of death. Could the Corona 19 vaccine really be the 7th vaccine to save humanity?

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