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SK Kelly – Doosan Yong Chan, winner of the return match, who bears the fate of the team

SK Wyverns Merrill Kelly (left) · Doosan Eun Chan
SK Wyverns Merrill Kelly · Doosan Yip Chan (from left)

SK Wyvern's Merrill Kelly (30) and Doosan's Lee Ji-chan (29), who played against each other in the third round, will play a return match with the squad.

SK, who has won only one win in the Korean Serbian Championship (KS) for eight years, has been awarded a stranger, Ace Merrill Kelly, at 12th in the Korean 6th Row Race at Seoul Jamil Stadium at 12, and Doosan at the edge of the cliff is the best stable I chose.

This is the second start of the series.

Kelly and Lee Ji-chan started in KS's third game at Incheon SK Happiness Dream in the 7th.

The winner of the first race was Kelly. Kelly took the victory with a perfect pitch that hit seven entries with four hits and two runs (a visa book). If he had the help of the fighters, he would be able to dig a long distress and prevent him from scoring.

Trey Hillman, director of SK, said: "Kelly was really flawless."

Ji-chan scored seven hits, including a home match, in the 6th and 6th rounds, and scored four strokes in the loss. Jamie Roach, who allowed three runs in the first inning, was injured.

But Kim Tae-hyeong, coach of Doosan, said: "Yi Chan played a role, and he put it on his own."

In the regular season, Kelly and Lee Jihan chose great results.

The regular season record is not easy to cover, for example, Lee Jung Chan and Kelly in front of each other.

Kelly, who is in SK for the fourth year since 2015, declined to 6-5 with 5.17 ERA in the first half of the year but recovered to 6.78 ERA with 2.78 ERA in the second half of the year. It is 12-7 with ERA 4.09.

Yi Chan completed the final selection and finish rounds and returned to the selection again this year.

It was 15-3 with an average of 3.63 ERA. He is second to the team and fourth on average. Both are the best pitchers in the nation that filled the innings regulation.

Kelly was better this season. Kelly was strong against Doosan this year with a record of 3-1 and ERA 3.03.

In KS, the Doosan era was further oppressed.

In the regular season, O'Jayill hit Kelly with 11 hits, 5 hits and a run at home, while the third in-game KS 3 game hit without stopping. In the Yang race, Kelly was strong with four hits in 11 strokes, but in the third game he was silent with two strokes.

Ji-chan fell to 5.68 points in his first game with a record 1-0 in the regular season. In the third game of the KS, Roach, who scored three points in Lee Ji-chan, was possible with two strokes at five in Yong Chan in regular season.

SK is a pioneer with three wins and two losses in a row. He is interested in whether KS will win the KS Championship thanks to Kelly's successes or Doosan will win the final game, the seventh game.

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