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Seung-Hwan Oh wrote “I love you” as a hunting team … Young Ho-Sam lit a candle while catching bed bugs

Oh Sung Juan
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The Samsung Lions fell into a pit with 3 consecutive losses.

Samsung failed to claim its first win of the season, losing 3-6 in the first match against Doosan Bears in the 2021 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Seoul’s Jamsil Stadium on the 6th.

Director Heo Sam-young, who has to endure April, is complicated. When controlling the pores of the first baseman, you have to make performances and you have to define the order of the center strike line, while maintaining the overall defensive balance. These conditions are the same for 10 clubs, but because Samsung has a serious power outage due to injuries to key players, it must consider the number of cases over a long period of time.

In fact, Samsung took the first step. As it rained nationally at 3, which was the first day of this season, all games except Samsung and Kiwoom, which are dome stage games, were canceled. In addition to losing 2 in the 2nd consecutive match with Kiwoom, there is a difference in the initial strength of the opponent’s court by one step.

If the first pitcher for the first game against Doosan was Choi Chae-heung, a local ace who left with an injury, Samsung’s concerns might have been greatly reduced. In the end, director Huh was chosen by Baek Jung-hyun. Baek Jeong-hyun has shown a strong showing against Doosan and may have tried to increase his chances of winning even a little by having Won Tae-in and Doosan’s 3rd starter.

Baek Jung-hyun was good with 2 runs until the 4th period. In the 5th period, Baek Jeong-hyun crossed the embankment with a safe first and third basic crisis, but Choi Ji-gwang completed the situation with a single run and maintained a score that could be adequately followed by 1-3.

Samsung’s 6th and 7th hills were strong. Choi Ji-kwang was in charge of up to two companies in the 6th episode, followed by Lim Hyun-jun even with an outcount. In the 7th season, Pil-jun Jang made the only trilateral entry of Samsung to this day.

When Shim Chang-min, who came in the 8th period, risked conceding a company, first and second base with a ball kick, coach Heo Sam-young chose Oh Seung-hwan.

Oh Seung-hwan’s card was a rather unexpected choice. It means using the strongest closure with only 5 saves left until the first Korean professional baseball “300 saves”, but the only excuse is preparation.

However, Seung-Hwan Oh was born in 1982 and is 40 years old this year in Korea. No matter how careful self-management and dedication to the team, he is not young enough to endure more than his role. In the lost situation, questions remain about the intention to bring Oh Seung-hwan to 1 company and not to the 2nd company in the 8th episode.

What is even more shocking is the fact that Oh Seung-hwan collapsed. As soon as Seung-Hwan Oh started, he gave two walks and dedicated the score for the push out, and immediately after a hit with two RBIs, he scored three laps (one lane). That day, Oh Seung-hwan’s highest catch was 146 km / h and his average fastball limit was 143.8 km. He could not deceive other players as he ran until the beginning of the change.

Seung-Hwan Oh is the best player on the team, he has a lot of influence on the players and he is a type of player who hits opponents with a ball. “His restraint and pitch did not go up well, but the fact that he got into the game he lost in order to have a realistic feeling” is a difficult choice even at the beginning of the season. Journalist Siwoong Choi [email protected]

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