Sunday , March 7 2021

Park Ji-won "drop rating approval President Lee is the" Lee Youngja "phenomenon –

Introduction 2018.11.21 03:01

"The support rate of 20 years, Yeongnam and the self-employed are very low …

The Ji-won Park, a member of the Democratic People's Party, said on June 20: "At the moment, Moon Jae-in's approval rating is very low in the 20's, Yeongnam and the self-employed," said . Mr Park said: "There are huge waves coming from the five fields of nuclear de-mining, economy, labor, liquidation and the judiciary, and the president has to contact the National Assembly and the people" .

Mr Moon's degree of approval continued to decline since September The Gallup survey in Korea was 52% for the past 16 consecutive weeks. In particular, the decrease was observed in the 20th generation and the self-employed, who were the main supporters of the presidential election and the regime. The reasons for this are the deterioration of the economy caused by the job hunt and the increase in the minimum wage.

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