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MK News – Republican still senior in the Senate … Trump "I win" my way

◆ Medium-term election results ◆

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Donald Trump's "solo" was banned as the Democrats and the Democratic Party split the House and the House in mid-term elections in the United States on Saturday (June 6th).

The Democratic Party, which is expected to take over as Speaker of the House, is expected to stop Trump's administration policy by using the right to convene a hearing and request the figures, so the second half of President Trump's presidency is unlikely to be smooth. However, the fact that the consistency of Republican supporters at the end of the election last year, as in the presidential elections two years ago, has given birth to the Senate and the number of seats in the Senate has increased, is interpreted as a green light for President Tramb's re-election.

At the beginning of the campaign, President Trump's dissatisfaction with the administration of state administration has led to the prospect of assembling anti-terrorist voters and Democrats to win a convenient victory in the House of Commons.

However, more and more analysts are expected to assemble the Shy Trump & as they move to the last minute of the election. In the end, the Democratic party in the House of Commons was slightly less than expected.
The Senate has been proclaimed as the Democratic Party's hardcore mercury, but Republicans have increased the number of seats when they open the lid. The Republicans captured Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota – Montana was slightly ahead of the Republican Party while counting. Mississippi was voted in the election phase, and Florida is expected to call for a democratic repeat of the vote. The Democratic Party just stole Nevada.

The governor's election was expected to change significantly in the current campaign, which was 33 states, 16 democrats and 1 independent state, but the Republicans were relatively conservative.

Trump was himself the biggest variable to win these elections. Healthy insurance policy issues such as "parenting" and "anti-trump" have led to the Republican victory as a result of fighting the image of the last election battle.

According to the Washington Post (WP), 65 out of the 69 voters in House's competition contest, 42% said Trump was the most important factor in voting.

Of course, the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives became a majority in eight years, confirming the willingness of the American public to control the Trump administration. Reuters reported that the rise of democratic support from women and young people is the backdrop for Democrats' victory in the House of Representatives. Reuters found that 55% of women and 62% of young people (18-34) supported the Democratic Party in a survey of 30,881 people in 37 states. During the mid-term elections in 2014, women's preference increased more than the democratic rating of 49% and the younger 54%.

On the contrary, the promotion of the Democratic Party in the Senate and Governor's elections was the result of the concentration of Republican supporters who supported the anti-immigration policy. "The fact that the Democratic Party secured the majority of the Senate is actually due to the issue of immigrants," the Financial Times said. Improving the economic situation also played a role. President Trump has mobilized supporters, showing financial results such as the lowest unemployment rate in 49 years and the highest rate of wage growth in 10 years. In the CNN survey, 68% of respondents said the US economy was "good".

The result shows that even though the House of Representatives is handed over to the opposition, Trump's re-election is rather green. As President Trump, he will accuse the Democratic Party of failing its policy for the next two years, and may be an opportunity to consolidate its support. The fact that the Republican Party has been reorganized into the "Party of Truth" in the context of the party's election is successful as President Trumpa. Republican lawmakers and governors, who have once again realized the Trump effect in these elections, find it difficult to find alternatives to the Trump.

Sen. Tenro Cruz of Texas, who did not support President Trumpa in the last presidential election, even called on President Trumpa to call for support.

Therefore, Trump is likely to remain in My Way without taking into account the Democratic Party. Trump said he would apply an additional tax cut to the middle class shortly before the election. Of course, compared to the second half of the first half, when the Democratic Party took control of both the House and the House of Representatives,

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