Thursday , January 21 2021

[KS] Doosan, a pitcher on the lip … "Lindblum is still in the bullpen"

[KS]    Doosan, a pitcher on the lip ...

Doosan on the edge of the rock. Ace Josh Lindblum is waiting for the bullpen.

Kim Tae-hyeong chose Doosan's Yoon Soo-ho and Seth Furankov as teammates before the 6th Korean Serb (KS) game against SK at Jamsil Stadium on December 12th. Furankov's expected player from the 5th round is expected, but Choe Yun-su, who was not Lindblum's starter in the fourth game, was eliminated from the game.

Depending on the situation, Lindblum will be used as a bullpen. Lindablum had 114 stadiums in the fourth game of the 9th. If it is a regular period, it is impossible to start the sixth round. However, he was in two-winning and three lead game and was about to take the turn. Kim said, "I'm going to pull my back as far as Lindblum awaits."

On the other hand, SK chose Park Jong-hoon and Angel Sanchez as tournament players in the sixth game. Sanchez was good at bullpen but the star was out of the game because he was Merrill Kelly. Because Jamie Roach runs as a foreign hitter, he was named as a non-tournament player due to his participation in the "two foreigners in a fight".

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