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It's the first time in history … Five people are charged

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At the time of the Seowall incident, it was revealed that the ROK Military Staff Service inspected all kinds of information such as the amount of alcohol used by family members and the content of watching television as well as personal information on the internet,

The National Defense Ministry's Special Investigation Service, which investigates suspicions of civilians inspecting military command during the Seowall incident, today announced the results of the survey.

The special court demanded three people, including the head of the small province of Gangwon, to charge the family members who had been prosecuted and to blame a person without reservation. In addition, Yoo Byeong-jin was accused of being charged with an illegal cessation and other illegal activities in the arrest of President Yoo.

According to the command of the Special Forces, 23 units of three armored units were put on stage at the time of the Seowall event. They spoke of the inclination of individual family members, the content of the television projection and the consumption situation at the Jindo gym, where the missing family lived. It was for the family that lived to look for the missing and forcing them to abandon their salvation and to shape the public opinion against the families that were victims.

In particular, when the identity of the church was revealed, the family was instructed to conceal the missing person's identity using locks when making calls or texts, and without using military terms.

In addition, DSC's Cyprus Activities Unit has conducted full scale cyber-inspections. Also, we made a report by checking the details of family members, email, blog, cafeteria, and history of used goods trading, certificate acquisition, sports fan activity.

The special court also said that KIMUSAU used illegal immigration equipment to use the equipment for arrest. He was clearly aware of the fact that the tapping was illegal at the time and seemed to have prepared imitation measures to appear legitimate. The messenger did not save the content of the tracking and kept only one copy of the recorded material and destroyed it.

The special court found that the delegation formed a relevant TF to promote the transition of the political cycle and the rate of presidential approval after the so-called "Seowal government" developed at the 6th and 4th local elections.

In addition, KIMUSA has presented several plans to Cheong Wa Dae leaders several times after the disaster. At that time, the vice-chancellor suggested referring to the aging of the lake and the economic adverse consequences of the Sewall incident. In addition, we suggest ways to encourage public anger to be revealed by highlighting bad behaviors such as boat owners.

The special tribunal stated that "it was revealed that the officer had unlawfully investigated the citizens with abuse of authority under the name of sovereignty during the period of the disaster," he said, "I left some of the people responsible for the investigation so that they could be held accountable . I'm about to do the trial now. "

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