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Fallout 76 Metacritics 59 points, the last series lower

& # 39; Fall Out 76 & # 39; PC Edition Metacric Edition (photo source: official Metacritic website)
▲ Fall Out 76 & # 39; PC Version Metacric Edition (photo source: official Metacritic website)

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"Fall Out 76", created for the first time as a series of online games, has been criticized. In the revision area of ​​the Metacritic game, the lowest score of the series.

The "Fall Out 76" has a 59 degree marker for the 20th edition of the PC. The Xbox One version is 65 and the PS4 version is 46, which is the lowest score in the series called "Fall Out". Even the worst "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel" was 66 points, and the mobile game "Fallout: Shelter" was also 61 points, which is the "worst effect".

Even if you look at any media except some media, it is difficult. The Guardian told Guardian: "There are no missions to find deadlocks and fewer conflicts," he said. "It is a successor to someone who likes to get rid of him in the desert." Polygon, a news magazine for Web magazines, is "less than expected" compared to the existing "Fallout" series. "The lack of stories is due to the fact that all producers are dead or have no minds to distract them."

The PS4 version has the worst score of 46 (photo source: official Metacritic site)
▲ PS4 is rated at the worst of 46 points (photo source: official Metacritic website)

User evaluation is even tougher. At present, the user rating for PC version is 2.9 points from 10 points, which is less than 3 points for all models. "JoaoPaneguin", "Bethesda did not care about the buyer at all" and "God, please forgive me for paying $ 60 for" Fallout 4 "multiplayer mode," the game was strongly criticized.

The Fall Out 76 & # 39; is the first online prequel in the series "Fall Out" of Bethesda Game Studios. The player enters the desert as a survivor of choice, with the United States in the background of a nuclear disaster in 2102 and 25 years later. Supported platforms are PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Korean language support update is scheduled for December 17th.

Fallout 76 & # 39; screenshot (photo: game mecha shooting)
▲ Shooting Fallout 76 & # 39; (photo: gaming machine)

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