Tuesday , May 11 2021

Excellence “Cheonan ship review” … Decisions reversed by Military Accident Investigation Committee / News YTN-YTN

  1. Excellence “Cheonan Ship Reinvestigation” … Decision Reverses Military Accident Investigation Committee / YTNNew YTN
  2. Former Death Inquiry Committee Suspends Cheonan Ship Review … Let’s See Anger, Truly Sir-The Chosun IlboChosun Ilbo
  3. After the review of the ship Cheonan … Wen immediately overturned the crisis after controversy-JoongAng IlboJoongAng Ilbo
  4. Decision to launch an investigation into the cause of death of Cheonan soldiers … The bitter family “strong response if it does not stop” / YTNNew YTN
  5. “The country is crazy” when anger is rampant … Cheonan’s re-investigation cut off criticism-The Chosun IlboChosun Ilbo
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