Wednesday , April 14 2021

“Egg Bongbyeon” Lee Nak-yeon “I should have had something to say … I do not want punishment” – Chosun Ilbo-The Chosun Ilbo

  1. “Egg Byeonbyeon” Lee Nak-yeon “I must have had something to say …Chosun Ilbo
  2. Lee Nak-yeon’s face was hit by an egg … Bongbyeon at Chuncheon Market during a private visit [영상] -JoongAng IlboJoongAng Ilbo
  3. CEO Nak-yeon Lee was attacked with eggs in ChuncheonDong-A Ilbo
  4. [영상] Lee Nak-yeon in Chuncheon throws an egg in his face – The Chosun IlboChosun Ilbo
  5. Spokesman Lee Nak-yeon, “Eggs are OK” during visit to Chuncheon (general)There is no news
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