Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Do not cure doctors as murderers" … 12,000 doctors make protests in the city

The Korean Medical Association (KPA) is organizing a general competition to retake a third national doctor in front of the Jung-gu Seoul gate in Seoul on November 11th. (Photo: Shin Jung-seop)
[이데일리 신중섭 기자] "If you ask your doctors for criminal responsibility, you do not have a good judgment,

The Korean Medical Association (KMA) held a third national controversy in front of the Doosan Palace in Seoul at 2 pm on November 11, and said: "The three doctors have been punished because they did not make a proper diagnosis of the patients, the doctors responsible are treated as thieves and murderers."

Doctors are on the streets for the third time since the first and second national rallies held in December and May of this year, shouting about "The organizers believe that 12,000 people gathered in the rally.

Doctors gathered from across the country shouted slogans with their flags and signs, saying: "Doctors who are treated illegally and the health of the people are broken" and "The judiciary is responsible for defensive treatment."

The meeting was held at the Gyeonggi province's hospital in 2013, when Army A (8) died of hemothorax due to a diaphragmatic hernia and the court sentenced three doctors to cure A Open in Dimension.

"The court's decision, which ignores the special nature of medical care, is now a criminal offense in which the diagnosis of doctors itself can be contained immediately." Doctor's self-esteem, He has come to ruin. "

Lee Cheol-ho, chairman of the Korea Medical Association, said: "I pray for the illness of a child who died from septicemia," he said. "Doctors can diagnose a diaphragmatic hernia by watching the infant who has stomach pain.

"The rare case is a law that is difficult for any doctor to diagnose and cure," he added. "If you get the doctor to give you an unexpected or bad result, do not do it."

Lee Duck-chul, president of the Korean Family Medicine Federation, said: "The emergency room is like a battlefield where unexpected situations and unusual illnesses are diagnosed and treated," said Lee. "Criminal responsibility for the consequences of an involuntary medical procedure," I do not understand at all the specificity of medical care ".

In addition, the KMA established the "Special Medical Dispute Law" to create a safe medical environment, resulted in a comprehensive settlement arrangement of 9.28, approved treatment options for physicians, improved patient numbers, and improved testing and used 5 types of medical devices And this health insurance does not apply.

"I agree with the need for a general general medical strike and I decide to decide when and how to apply it," he said. "Even if doctors do their best, they will have to go to jail if their results are not good. It needs to be reformed."

They will also read "Message to President Moon Jae-in" in front of Blue House.

Last month a judge at the Suwon Branch of the Swan District Court in support of Sungnam province sent a letter of recommendation to a 42-year-old woman accused of ill-treatment in her work.) They were sentenced to one year's imprisonment, but three were released with warranty 9th.

At that time, the court said: "Abnormal symptoms in X-ray photos were obvious and not ambiguous and suggest that if the pleural fluid is as high as what is shown in the picture, it has a serious illness." "" I can recognize the causal link between labor-related negligence and death. "

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