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Cause of stress? How is the symptoms of panic disorder, self-diagnosis and treatment possible?

Panic disorder, sleep disturbance and depression are typical psychiatric disorders that have become a hot topic for modern people who are busy recently. Panic disorder, known as "psychological illness", is a complaint of entertainers and an increase in the number of patients seeking psychiatric psychiatry in hospital and mental health. People who are not panic disorder symptoms that only psychologists suffer no longer suffer from panic disorder as stress becomes more common. So let's see if you have symptoms of panic disorder and you may experience panic disorder through the diagnosis of panic disorder.

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Panic disorder;

Panic disorder, one of the most common disturbances of anxiety disorder, is a sudden surprise or surprise situation in a changing state and a dreadful fear situation. Serious attacks of anxiety and various body symptoms associated with them are unexpected anxiety disorders that occur unexpectedly without any notice. They are the ones who repeatedly experience intense anxiety, panic attack. This seems to be due to a combination of anxiety from various factors, such as professional and family life, anxiety about aging, and human relationships that lead to panic disorder.

The cause of "panic disorder"

Recent studies, along with psychosocial factors such as psychoanalytic theory and cognitive behavioral theory, have revealed that biological factors are the main cause of panic disorder. It is natural for people to feel impatient when in a stressful state. At the moment, the organization of brain asthmatic cells is mediated by many organs that cause anxiety. Gray matter in the brain plays a role in causing the cerebral cortex to overwhelm and accept the condition that is not anxious and to react to the fear of leaving or freezing.

Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and secretion of hormones, such as sweat or heartbeat, is caused by the hypothalamus, which stimulates the secretion of norepinephrine into the central nervous system, which plays an important role in the central nervous system. As shown in FIG.

Symptoms of panic disorder

Symptoms of panic disorder include sudden cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, sweating, choking and tightness of the chest. The causes of panic disorder include psychological and social causes of interpersonal stress, excessive collisions with other people or events, neurotransmitter abnormalities, functional abnormalities such as the temporal lobe, the anterior lobe, and heart disease. There are neurological causes such as excessive alcohol consumption.

When rectal anxiety is high and chronic insomnia and fatigue accumulate, it is a sign of the body that early symptoms of anxiety panic disorder have occurred. If these early symptoms of panic disorder appear, it is also useful to find a medical institution after you have diagnosed. In addition, if you have no good reason and you are easily tired, irritable, anxious or drowsy, you have to suspect anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder does not seem to be a panic attack, but every moment is uncomfortable and uncomfortable for everyday life.

Diagnosis of Panic Disorder (source: Getty Images Bank)

Well, let's find out if you are suffering from a panic disorder by diagnosing a panic disorder.

△ It feels that breathing becomes choked or blocked. △ It feels like weighing and trembling or fainting. △ the pulse accelerates or the heart is shaken. △ Hands and feet are moving. △ sweat. △ It feels like someone to suffocate his throat.
△ It seems to be annoying or vomiting. △ I feel like I'm in another world or I feel like I'm not myself. △ I feel numbness or numbness in the arms and legs. △ Feeling burning or shivering. △ I feel pain or discomfort in the chest area.
△ I feel terrified to die. △ I feel frightened that I will be crazy or can not control myself.

If one of the above symptoms suddenly appears and worsens or worsens within 10 minutes, it may be panic attack.

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