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Black Pink, two-year and three-month debut, Seoul's first performance … a 2-hour full presence &[SS현장]


Black Pink Concert 1
[스포츠서울 이지석기자]"It seems to me that the performance in Seoul in two years is very advanced.

Black Pink has made her first solo concert in Seoul for two years and three months.

The black pink on the BLACKPINK 2018 TOUR at your SEOUL site at KSPO Dome in Seoul on November 10th.

Black Pink opened its first solo concert in Seoul, which was held for the first time since its debut at KSPO Dome, a large-scale entertainment hall and has attracted 10,000 audiences and turned out to be a "major group."

At the concert, Black Pink released album songs, various remix editions and songs exiting from Black Pink. The scene consists of 5 parts in total up to the encore.

In Part 1 SQUARE UP, the spectacular performance of the four members shocks the audience. Black Pink, who opened the door with "Tootsukuri", opened "Forever Young", "Stay", "Sure Thing" and "Whistle". "I'm so proud to have my first concert in Seoul," he said.

Part 2 "CHARMS" unrolled the individual stage of the members. After the show, she covered "Clearness," and Lisa made a brilliant solo show against "I Like," "Paydid," and "Caution," Rosa could "let go," "Yoo & Look." Jenny first presented her solo song "SOLO".

On the same day, the Big Bang winner appeared as a concert visitor, singing Bang Bang Bang Bang, solo songs of "Wear A Yupprom" and "Ssetel Tenny". .

Victory, the members of "black pink when you see the big bat" remembers luck, "Jenny is a dragon comes to mind I continue to go to Paris and take pictures with designers .. Looking at Lisa reminds me Daesung.When you look at the pointer, we will remind you of a charismatic and thick tower.When I see Rosie, I think of the sun with the soul as a singer and artist.I do not need members like me in black pink.

Black Pink Concert 5

In Part 3, "PRISM", the stage "KISS AND MAKE UP", was presented for the first time, which became a hot topic in collaboration with the world-famous pop star Duarte. I was able to get to know the "So Hot", "Lily" and "Se Yutorater", which were played on Black Pink only in response to the performance of the live band.

In Part 4, "In Your Area", four members have turned fans into enthusiastic fans with "Fire", "16 Shots", "Boombarya" and "Like Last".

On Encore, they celebrated their first performance, preparing their songs "Whistle", "Toowdust" and "Stay".

The show will take place once at 5 pm at 11 pm In the second concert, Gianti, one of the best-known sources of sound, mixes as a visitor.

Meanwhile, Black Pink will launch its first world tour since January next year. After eight performances in seven cities in total, they will meet with fans from different cities.

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