Saturday , July 24 2021

Academic abuse, meticulous forgery and withdrawal of Gap-jil controversy by Seoyeji CF … Drama alight-Chosun Ilbo-Chosun Ilbo

  1. Academic abuse, meticulous forgery and controversial Gap-jil calligraphic paper that came out of KI … Take-off drama-Chosun IlboChosun Ilbo
  2. The reason why Seo Ye-ji was buried before the “Kim Jung-hyun controversy”Korean economy
  3. Yeji Seo, Start Stopping the Loss in the Advertising Industry? Remove some branded adsDong-A Ilbo
  4. Just repeat “I’m sorry” … Kim Jung-hyun, sorry without calligraphy-Chosun IlboChosun Ilbo
  5. “Seo Yeji, scolding spitting cigarette smoke in the face” This time the staff was exposed [종합]  Korean economy
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