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150 million people … Invest in Metaverse Value Chain |

Fort Knight players enjoy the BTS scene

Fort Knight players enjoy the BTS scene

On September 25 last year, BTS released for the first time the choreography video of their new song “Dynamitis”. The scene they chose was not a music stream or video platform like YouTube, but a “Third Knight” action shooting game (TPS) “Fort Knight”. Users who watched the scene enjoyed the event dancing or sharing their impressions.

World-renowned singers who have released new songs or given concerts through Fortnite include Travis Scott, Young Serg and Noah Cyrus. Travis Scott’s concert was attended by 12.3 million spectators. This is a case in which games are transformed into an a’metabus industry, a new alternative reality that incorporates various social actions that they can actually enjoy, in addition to simply achieving competition or goals among users. The metaverse, which combines meta and universe, has emerged as an investment topic in capital markets that are sensitive to changing trends. Companies that provide direct metaverse services, such as Roblox and Tencent Music, as well as companies that manufacture related devices or provide technology infrastructure, are seeing an increase in corporate value.

The Metaverse platform has excelled in games and entertainment

“Roblox”, a virtual reality game

The toy company Roblox, which will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange at 10, is at the center of the metaverse madness of the MZ generation (millennial + Z generation). Roblox is a platform game that users can create, share and use. All transactions in the game are made through a cryptocurrency called Robux. Roblox has become very popular with young players under the age of 19, whose playing time has increased due to Corona 19. According to Roblox, 36.2 million users have played since the third quarter of last year. games every day and 150 million users played games at least once a month. Reflecting investor interest, Roblox turned from the IPO, which is highly volatile, to direct imports. This is a method of omitting the process for allocation to an institution through the registrar. Roblox’s business value, according to Renaissance Capital, is $ 29 billion, which is 31 times higher than last year.

Entertainment company Tencent Music is also investing in the metaverse sector. Tencent Music bought a stake in “Wave”, an American virtual concert company in November last year. Wave has been recognized for its technology in the field by hosting online concerts by famous singers such as John Legend and Lindsay Sterling. Following the investment in Wave, Tencent Music plans to use the wave platform and technology on the live TME platform. Tencent Music shares rose 74.31% in about five months after investing in Wave.

150 million people ... Invest in the metaverse value chain

Invest in the Metaverse price chain

Experts stress that the popularity of games and metaverse services is not a one-time boost from Corona 19. Lee Byung-hwa, a KB Securities researcher, said: “Travis Scott made about $ 1.8 billion on tour 2019 and it is known that the revenue earned through the Fortnite concert amounted to 21.6 billion won. ” can generate sales will be a megatrend. “

When investing in the metaverse industry, such as investing not only in Tesla and other automakers but also in rechargeable batteries, various spare parts and hardware companies to invest in electric vehicles, it goes beyond investing in just one game or service in each stage the value chain. You can invest in companies that are there. Korea Investment & Securities has named Roblox, Unity Software, Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, Tencent Music and Alibaba as key companies in the Metaverse investment portfolio. Unity Software is a manufacturer of Unity game engines that 42% of the world’s mobile games use for development. Facebook is the parent company of Oculus, a maker of virtual reality (VR) devices, and Microsoft, along with Roblox, owns Minecraft, the two great mountains of metaverse gaming.

■ Metaverse

A compound word of meta and the real world. It refers to a platform that allows users to freely exchange or create mutual goods through games, programs and applications. In the past, games focused on the user adapting well to the rules provided by the gaming company. In metaverse, the user decides the rules of the game and the currency of the game can actually be used. Users can create value as they really are and receive rewards accordingly.

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