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Pain … The opponent in the game 4
Doosan, Gon-woo Park,

The Doosan Dugout atmosphere was unexpected, ahead of the third game, which was chosen as the maximum catchment area for the summit. The B-boys flew for about an hour before the game started. Kim Jae-hwan, who is a signed paste, was excluded from the selection because of the impact pain during the exercise. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was also obtained, but it was difficult to read accurately, so I put a very precise examination at 8. It became vague until the fourth game. Doosan hurled Choi Choi in 4 hits and left Jung Jin-ho's left field defense.

Kim Jae-hwan, who played 4 strokes with 8 strokes (averaging 0.500) in Game 1, was deadly. Since Kim Jae-hwan, who had spent four times in 136 regulars in the regular season, fell, the weight of the Doosan team dropped sharply. Doosan does not seem to have a stroke that surpassed the devastating power of Kim Jae-hwan, who beat Jamsil with 44 domestic slopes.

Doosan also suffered from the long silence of Park Ji-woo, The park was subdued over 12 nights in three Korean series games. SKI's third pitcher, Choi Jung-eun, who remained silent on her side, reported a hitter a day but Park was unable to keep up with the timing and returned to the bat. It was all the sixth key second major error. Doosan, whose team's central lineup struck, failed to make it to SK once. I had the opportunity of the 6th in the first round, but I missed the "one room" in many ways, such as the failure to score extra points.

After the game, coach Doosan Kim Tae-hyeong said: "I have to see the results, but I do not think it will be easy to play then. "Doosan has won all three of the previous games in the Korean series. As for Doosan, which has to go through a road never visited before, the resurrection of the other ship has emerged as an emergency mission.

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